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                                      Welcome to The Magistrate.

        we are here to serve as  as the law in a lawless

                                       of Soul Order. 



Welcome to the Magistrate

We are a Soul Order Clan
Our goal is to enrich our members game play, as well as try to organize what we try to accomplish in game.

Our current requisite level is [not yet set] we also have a set of rules to ensure we all have perimeters as to what we are aloud to do so there is a form of structure.

for all events see our Calendar  which will also note when we run big events, guild events etc.

for forums which will be updated often as we grow in size and are able to do more in game please visit our Forums

to view our members click on our Members page which will give you our full list of members with complete profile.

God bless you all and we hope you enjoy your experience in the Magistrate.





Currently we are trying to put together money

   to buy territory so if you can pls mail what

   you feel you can so that we can make our

   mark in Soul Order. as for advantages for

   territory there is guild quests wich we can

       receive once we have obtaned our 1st

    territory. ty to all of you who support the


    [to donate either mail or trade to Strait]






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